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About us

ZSVTS – The Association of Slovak Scientific and Technological Societies is a voluntary, non-profit, democratic and non-political association of public interest, gathering expert scientific and technological societies, associations, committees and regional coordination centres. The ZSVTS was founded on the Slovak Congress on March 17, 1990. The main mission of the ZSVTS resides in increasing publicity of science and technology development results in the Slovak Republic, in developing of education and international cooperation in the field of science and technology, in the realization of tasks within the ambit of national technical policy.

Using of creative potential of ZSVTS members, it can significantly help to the society  development.  That means designing of analysis and studies to special problems, drafting of expert and special opinions for governmental and non-governmental organizations, participation of select ZSVTS experts to working and consultative committees and teams, about endorsement of international interests of Slovak Republic in international non-governmental organizations of technical nature, where ZSVTS works actively. ZSVTS as an independent organization can by the importand and qualified permanent cooperator for state institutions by organizing and evaluating of competitive proceedings for solutions of important society problems, at the  creation and evaluating of laws support and for solutions of ministery´s programs.

ZSVTS represents more than 30 thousands members associated in 48 member organizations, which have their members practically in the majority of enterprises, institutions and technical universities in Slovak Republic (more than 700 collective members). The wide and variety of ZSVTS activities in the field of science and technology are documented by Special program, which is published annually. The amount of conferences, symposia, fairs, seminars is every year prepared not only for specialists and experts, but especially for interest of technical public (courses, lectures, training). More information about the Association of Slovak Scientific and Technological Societies and its specialized activities you can get at